Steps for a Turnkey Landscape Job

First is your meeting to discuss your specific landscaping needs. Then we will take measurements of your property. Then we will lay out your measurements in CAD that will allow us to come up with a two-scale landscape design. Then we will meet with you to present our plan and estimate. Finally, we will schedule an installation date within one month.

Landscaping Installation and Expectations

Plant Selections

• Be assured that we will select the very best nursery stock from our top local nurseries
• If change orders are necessary for plant stock, we will discuss this ahead of time to assure you that you will receive an appropriate substitution for your plants or tree
• If we find that a plant or tree doesn’t meet up to our highest standards, we go to a second, or even third, nursery to select something that looks beautiful


• One year warranty is provided and we will also supply you with watering instructions
• We add product called Mykes when we plant. It is an all-natural product that effectively harnesses superior growing results. In addition, it expands the life of the plant or tree.